For the past two years my husband has not left my side. It two years ago that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. He has been lost in his world. About a month ago, I visited Cambridge House and enrolled my husband to be a client. The first week or two, he would look for me and ask about me. After that, he became a participant in the activities of Cambridge House. He came home and talked about what he had done there. He likes to calestinics and the music in particular. He now gets up in the morning. He has something to look forward to. He particularly mentions Miss Jeda by name. He likes everybody who works there though. He says that they all like him. For him to feel this is very important to me. I like how he is not so clingy now. That's all thanks to the Cambridge House. I would highly recommend this adult day care center.

Aline A., Newnan, GA